Oivienables  retinal screening  at primary care


We are developing an easy and affordable AI-camera and platform that will identify, track and manage diabetic eye-disease.

Oivi is short for opto-intelligent vision, designed to provide eye-screening for diabetics.

Diabetic Retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness

Many diabetics are not aware that they can lose vision, and there is no screening at primary care level. In addition, there are not enough experts to do screening. 


Detecting eye-disease early is important to prevent vision loss. Oivi enables screening at primary care clinics, thus creating awareness and maintaining diabetic eye-health.



We have strong belief and passion for Oivi. We are a multifaceted team with extensive knowhow on camera and software development. 


Oivi offers a unique and smart retinal imaging solution accessible for all.



Preventing Blindness among Diabetics



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